Bank employees salary hike 2012-2013

Bank employees salary hike 2012-2013

I finally have some good news to give you all as a diwali gift. Sources say that the Xth bipartite settlement will increase the basic pay of bank staffs by 20-25% . This would mean that the take home salary of a bank staff will increase by 25% in total.

As of now a probationary SBI clerk takes home 16,000 Rs every month. Their salary will now a cross 21,000 per month. As for the State Bank of India POs, their take home salary as of now (excluding the leased accommodation, petrol and other allowances) is 28,000 per month. So after the pay hike, this figure will touch 34,000 per month

As for the probationary clerks and POs in other nationalized banks, their take home pay used to be 14,000 and 24,000. Their take home salaries will be increased to 20,000 and 32,000 Rs respectively. Note that all the amounts mentioned in this article are approximate figures.

Although this increase in salary is effective from November 2012, the bank staffs will receive the increased salaries only after 2014.  The increased salary during the period from November 2012 to 2014 will be paid as arrears to the bank staffs.

So, its the time to rejoice all bank job aspirants. Happy diwali. 

  • gaurav

    r u sure?

  • bull

    wrong info

  • k krishnamraju

    a central govt employ of gr- c cadre now getting salary of 21000 in metropolity city,,,a bank clerk can never cross this figure and dont compare the bank salaries with central govt because pay revision for banks is for every 5 yr where as in central govt org’s it is for once 10 yrs… all central govt employees will get bumper bonanza in 2016 ( because of pay revision ) 7 pay commision is coming cg employees will get minimum 38000 Rs/month after 2016.

  • subhankar

    this is not at all a gd news. merely increase in 25% doesnt mean anything. just go through the salary structure of central govt employees and bank employees,then you will understand(leave aside the burden of work and risk factor). and kindly check the data of 7th pay commission which the unions are expecting. as far i saw,they are expecting the starting basic of a gr-IV employee as 21000(basic-15600 + gp-5400). only thing i can say is that the life of the bankers is going to hell.

    • bnv

      hello GROUP IV in central government means do u know? it is differnt from state government group IV. in central gov. group IV is an executive officer.

  • rahul

    fuckin gud news.. hell ya..

  • Daniel Dias

    what happens to the person who are going to join now pls. reply

  • kuljeet

    is it true?

  • a

    nothing wrong in comparing with central govt salary, in fact as per pillai committee recommendations bank officer salary should be more than A grade central govt officer salary. But sad thing is now it is just more than central govt clerk salary, may be after 7th pay commission, it will be more than just a peon of central govt salary.

    So, never settle in bank job look for govt job, for risk free, tension free, sickness free, responsibility free, harassment free job. If you do not get anywhere then continue in bank no alternative.

  • a

    as long as bank employees/officers continue to like sheeps future is bleak

  • Suman

    government salaries to be hiked from 2.26-3 times the present salary in 7th pay commission(2016)……i.e. 126-200% hike…..and bank provides only 25% hike…..thats totally unfair…!!!

  • Gaurav

    wrong information and let me clear evry1 dat there is no diff in salary of a sbi employee and other nationalised bank employee bcoz ol of them folows IBA bipartite salary structure.. whoever say that sbi peaple gets more either he/she s acting smart or he/she dont know nythng.. and even is some nationalised bank .. they give mch salary and perks then SBI.

    • anki

      there is diff. btw sbi n other bank salary. Sbi give more than other ask to employees den compare dude. I am a SBI po. I know it better den u

      • john

        No anki u r half right…..may be u get more in sbi PO… but same in clerical in any bank….. you can ask obc employee they get more perks than sbi… dude I am a obc clerk and my brother is in sbi

        • Xander

          totally disagreed…..obc gives fuel allowance after 6 months… immediately……..your bro have given u wrong info…..i m in sbi my gross salary with all allowance is around 18.2 (i m xcluding my OA of 2400 also)


    actually what bankers are doing its very tough job to handle others money , no one can understand how much pressure , stress , tension in bank job…….if we will get 10% extra salary in our account than central govt employee…then only it will be good news for BANKERS because responsibilities accountabilities are more then other jobs…because we are handling other money…..there is no chance of single mistake….but these all things are not for other govt employee……….

    • sunil

      Askanksha… u know y bankers are not paid handsomely…?
      This is because this reflects in bank’s P/L account. So paying less salary results in decreased loss. But in govt sector this is not the case. In pvt bank you can see that they are already have high profit per year but profit that of public sector banks is not good. In my laguage ” Bank hamara khoon choos kar profit kamata hai”.

    • satish kumar ranga

      Wright suggestion satish kr sbi bhiwani

  • lkp_63

    Banker can not put any impact on the election, hence the government is reluctant to give any benefit to them. More over the top management in order to please the finance minister do not want to give better deal to staff. And the federation and union leaders also have an under table pact and put the bankers in such a miserable condition. When ever there is wage revision in the bank the work pressure also increases where as there is no such increase of work in the Government department. Number of holidays, working time, pressure, and so many disparities are there, then why the bankers are less paid. If work pressure is only taken in to consideration banker should get at least 25% extra salary the government staff.

  • hahaha

    bank employees get home/car/personal loan at a lower rate. They can make FD at higher rate. Even after that they r not happy with their salary

  • suman choudhury

    in sbi we only have lil bit allowance.but bipart.. settlement isnt clear to me .

    • sunil

      it may take even 1.5yrs